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What to Do Media - A 10-Year Partnership

Posted on October, 2019 by Kim Foster-Powell

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What to Do Media chose Maytech’s FTP-Stream service 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Digital Media Director Michelle LaCour says it is the security, professionalism and ease-of-use that has convinced her to continue using Maytech for her company’s file sharing and storage needs.


Running a business in the Hawaiian Islands is a dream for most people, but it’s reality for Michelle LaCour, Digital Media Director of What to Do Media, and her team of dedicated advertising and marketing specialists. When she started working for the company she and her partners realised they could give clients a better user experience with data storage using Maytech’s services.

Initially providing traditional advertising buying services to clients, What to Do Media soon moved into digital marketing solutions and web builds, and today it provides a range of services in the fields of design and marketing on-and-offline.

Employees had relied on email for sending files, while storage happened on individual desktop computers. It was obvious that a change was needed and Maytech was on the top of the pile.

A Simpler Way of Working

Prior to 2006 the business was on the lookout for a new FTP service for its burgeoning digital department. It needed a way of storing and transferring large images, designs and documents to clients in a fully-branded and secure way that would be easy for customers. Maytech’s services with no file size limits came out on top.

"Maytech came on our radar and we were impressed with the services, plus the prices were fair so we decided to pick them,” Michelle explains. “We considered other businesses, but I couldn’t tell you who they were now!"


Supporting Business

Michelle also likes the fact she can white-label her Maytech FTP-Stream, reflecting What to Do Media’s professional approach and giving it the look of a major player in its market, despite its boutique standing and its client base of small and medium-sized businesses.

Clients are predominantly in the tourism industry, providing leisure pursuits for holidaymakers to the Hawaiian Islands, but it has also won the business of real estate brokerages, management companies and manufacturers – all of who demand high standards.

Everything You’d Expect

“The flexibility is good and the communication and support is great. They are responsive and I can choose how I would like to communicate with them- phone, email, live chat, and I always get a speedy response,” she says.

"Overall, Maytech’s responsiveness fits my vision of what customer service should look like."

In the last 10 years Maytech has helped What to Do Media manage its customers, while also helping to facilitate growth in the businesswith fast file transfers. Michelle says other businesses should follow suit, but admits there is a problem of inertia among her peers, with too many businesses relying on standard file sharing services that don’t measure up.

“I would absolutely recommend Maytech. Other, lower-grade services are dominant in the U.S., and it’s hard to convince people to switch away from them. But there’s no question of the differences between Maytech and the consumer-grade competition. Maytech is a much more robust, professional and secure system in my view. There’s a resistance with some people, but I think they should change – it’s always worked for us and we’ve never had cause to complain.”

"There’s an inertia in the market, but Maytech is much a more robust, professional and secure system in my view."

In fact, Michelle is keen to explore new ways of working with Maytech. The trappings of her business means she and her team haven’t found time to explore new dimensions to the relationship, but it seems a new strategic approach is on the horizon.

“I think the system is really easy to use and does everything we need, with even more potential.”

“We have a vision to use Maytech services more extensively, but we need to sit down and think about what could be done with our account manager. We currently use it to archive and store all of our client work but we think we could add a more strategic dimension for advertising and marketing materials – to be continued!”

10 years in partnership says it all; experience Maytech’s customer service and professional file sharing for yourself. Start your free trial of FTP-Stream now.


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