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DNB Creative - Fed up with expiring links and 3rd party branding

Posted on October, 2019 by Kim Foster-Powell

DNB Creative

Design specialists DNB Creative struggled with expiring links when it shared important files with clients. Then they incorporated Quatrix® to enable fully branded, specialised large file transfer solutions.

DNB Creative Speed Read

Deborah Hadfield runs growing Manchester-based design business DNB Creative. Using a consumer file transfer service to send designs to clients was holding her business back, until a switch to Quatrix from Maytech made all her problems vanish.

DNB Creative is a design business providing marketing and web development companies with images, logos and designs that end up promoting some of the world’s biggest brands. So a slick service and professional results are a must.

A Sticking Point

But while Deborah and her team have always been proud of the designs they create and the service they provide, the physical transferring of creative files was a major flaw in the business.

Until recently, the team experimented with consumer file transfer services which imposed a series of restrictions and failed to give DNB an adequate platform for improving its brand reputation among clients.

"Before we joined Maytech we were experimenting with a lot of consumer services, non of which provided the right service for my business".

“We supply print-ready artwork - banners and posters, for example - which are huge files around 100/150 MB” explains Deborah.

To exacerbate the problem, DNB clients would have to register with the file transfer service just to receive a single document. This just wasn’t acceptable to some of the big companies that I work with.

Then there was the problem of disappearing links: “I would send files and have to request that they were downloaded straight away because otherwise the link would expire after a few weeks,” she says.

“That was a problem and also quite an embarrassment when talking to people you’re trying to earn the respect of. As a small business you want to project an aura of professionalism and using consumer services doesn’t help you do that.”

Brand Focused

DNB was also unable to brand these services, meaning it was always clear to clients that documents were coming via a third party.

The situation was having a big impact on DNB’s brand, so when a friend recommended Maytech– an efficient service emphasising reliability and ease of use – Deborah jumped at the chance.

"It’s just so much better than what I was doing previously, she says. The service is quick and easy to use."

"I love the level of control it gives me"

“It’s white labelable, so I can brand it myself and I love the level of control it gives me. The tracking is really useful because I can see that a client has accessed a design, insteadof sitting and wondering if they have received it or not.”

Aim High

Then there is the security aspect. Deborah believes that Maytech’s relentless emphasis on keeping data secure means DNB will be welcomed with open arms by major new clients in financial services and pharmaceuticals.

“Using Quatrix shows I’m as protective over my clients’ designs as they are and it shows I respect the creative files as much as they do. It’s just a much more professional and respectful way of working. I can be more confident with my client base now,” she says.

But would she recommend Maytech to a friend? “I do - I tell people to stop messing around with other file sharing services and get on the phone to them. Quatrix is helping my business reach its full potential; others should take note.”

Reach your business’s full potential and send client designs professionally now with your Quatrix free trial or contact our team.