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Solving Your China File Transfer Problems

Posted on July 07, 2016 by John Lynch

The great firewall of China is no secret. Our experts have been blogging about it and providing data sharing solutions for years, but some people are still struggling to complete online business or use the internet for private use while in the People’s Republic.

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The Problem with VPNs

Because of China’s strict regulations and censorship, many internet users opt to use virtual private networks (VPNs), which allow computers to connect with private web servers on other computers to effectively bypass controls and use the public internet freely.

VPNs use encryption alongside a number of other security protocols to prevent usage being visible, however China’s Communist Party (CCP) is constantly blocking these VPNs, especially those that connect with servers in Hong Kong, Bangkok and the USA.

This crackdown means VPNs are often taken offline and those that avoid being shut down by officials often suffer routine downtime and extremely slow speeds.

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This is not helped by the fact that China has notoriously slow internet. At the moment, China’s internet penetration rate is only 48%, something officials are hoping to almost double by 2020, specifically in rural towns and cities.


Maytech Provides a High-Quality Alternative to VPNs

Our FTP Stream uses a cloud based file transfer solution that can help make file sharing with, or within China, quicker and more reliable. With a local data centre in Hong Kong, our system allows users to transfer files up to 40 times faster than if using the Chinese public internet.

You can learn more about our file transfer China service here or try it out for yourself with our free trial.

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