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Maytech Customer Voice 2017

A New Data Security Solution

Tokenisation Addresses Cyber Security Risk and Compliance. Here’s Why

Why China's Twitter Alternative is Winning the Popularity Race

Chinese Officials Say the Great Firewall is Too Strict

British Teenagers to be Given Online Cybersecurity Training

Why You Should Always Lie When Answering Password Security Questions

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – April 2017

The 10 Most Notorious Data Breaches That Have Hit the UK

The Latest in Encryption: What's New?

Why Regularly Changing Your Password Puts You More at Risk of Attack

Have You Encountered 'Security Fatigue'?

Is China Launching a New National Intelligence Law?

Fear Sees UK Cyber Insurance Demand Skyrocket

Quatrix v.1.48-54 Release Notes

The UK and China Agree on Cyber-Security Coordination

Is China’s Industrial Internet Security Failing?

The Largest Cyberattacks to Hit the UK in Q1 2017

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – March 2017

How Encryption Went Mainstream in 2016

Is the US Power Grid Vulnerable to Online Attack?

Everything You Need to Know About DDoS Attacks

How to Use e-Signatures to Decrease the Risks of Document File Sharing

Which of Your Favourite Websites Are Blocked in China?

Is China's Censorship Extending to Apps?

What Is Automated Polymorphic Malware and Why You Don't Want it?

How the UK is Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The Most Common Scam Emails of the Moment: What to Look Out for

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – February 2017

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – January 2017

Survey: Cloud Data More Essential Than Offline Centres

Cyberattacks Will Be More Menacing in 2017

7 Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2017

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Ransomware with these Preventative Measures

Russia to Create Chinese-Like Great Firewall

Should You Be More Worried About Internal Threats?

Cirius Has Launched a New Secure E-Signature System

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – December 2016

The FCA Releases its Final Recommendations for Cloud Regulation

Millennials Are Shaking Up China's Tech Industry

Quatrix v.1.44-47 Release Notes

Why Cyber-Security Training Is Desperately Required in the Banking Industry

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – November 2016

The Growing Threat to The Energy Sector: Cyber Attacks

Quatrix v.1.41-43 Release Notes

Local Government IT Security is Experiencing ‘Issues’

Why the Healthcare Sector Needs Secure Messaging

Why the Legal Sector Needs Secure Messaging

Say Allo to Google’s New Messaging Service. But How Secure Is It?

How Secure Messaging Helps IT Departments Become More Efficient

The Problem With Email Communication in China

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – September 2016

Is Your Email Secure? Messaging Safety in Facts and Figures

7 Security Problems When Sending Emails

Quatrix v.1.34-40 Release Notes

Understanding China's Complicated Cyber Security Laws

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – August 2016

Protect Your Data: 5 Ways to Improve Your Security Posture

Public Sector Big Data: 5 Ways Government Succeeds Using Big Data

Five Emerging Threats Enterprise Security Must Not Ignore

Quatrix v.1.33 Release Notes

Brexit and IT Security: What the Experts Are Saying

The Biggest Fears of the International IT Manager

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – July 2016

Quatrix v.1.31-32 Release Notes

Solving Your China File Transfer Problems

GCloud 8: What is it and How Can it Secure File Transfer for Governments?

How to Avoid the Risk of Transferring Data to/from China in the Future

Why Maytech’s FTP-Stream China is the Answer to Great Firewall of China Woes

Government File Transfers and the Latest Consultations

Data Developments in China During 2015/2016

Quatrix v.1.30 Release Notes

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – June 2016

Quatrix v.1.29 Release Notes

Key Lessons From the RSA 2016 Cybersecurity Conference

4 Reasons Why Maytech Use Local Data Centres Across the World

Quatrix for Outlook Plug-in Released

Maytech’s China Monthly Update – May 2016

Quatrix v.1.28 Release Notes

People: An Organisation’s Biggest Security Weakness (and Strength)

Apple vs. The US Government: Unlocking the Answer to a Crime

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: March 2016

What Can Councils Learn From the Lincolnshire Council Data Breach?

Quatrix v.1.27 Release Notes

Quatrix v.1.26 Release Notes

Case Study: How Maytech Helps Local Government

ISPs Forced to Store Details of all UK Website Visits

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: February 2016

How Governments Across the World Are Helping Citizens With Big Data

8 Tips to Keep Your Business’ Data Secure

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: January 2016

How Councils Use Secure File Transfer to Improve Their Services

2015 PCI Roundup: What You Need to Know

Maytech Monthly Update: China Tech Industry

A Practical Approach to Secure File Sharing Outside PSN

Local Government Strategy Forum Follow Up

How Governments Across the World Are Using Open Data

What to Consider When Migrating Your Business to the Cloud

How to Protect Your Business’s Critical Data

How Qantas Uses Data to Provide a Better Customer Experience

The Average Cost of a Data Breach? $3.8m

What the Affordable Care Act Means for Big Data

Digital Marketplace Turns One

Cyber Security Tips for Remote and Mobile Workers

Maytech’s November Update of PCI Compliance

How Equipped Are You For Preventing a Data Breach?

Big Data, Coming to a Car Near You!

Just How Harmful is Shadow IT to Your Company?

The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Data Security

Sharing Challenges: Should Employees Use Consumer File Sharing?

Maytech Attending Local Government Strategy Forum 2015

Launching Maytech’s Video Portal

Welcome to Quatrix Release Notes! Quatrix is updated to version 1.17

What Can IT Departments Learn From The Ashley Madison Hack?

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: September 2015

What Do Changes in EU Data Protection Regulation Mean For You?

How Your Western Businesses Can ‘Do Business Right’ in China

IBM and Apple Join Forces to Share Data and Improve Healthcare

The Importance of Encryption on All Devices

New International Board Members Join PCI Security Standards Council

How Big Data Helps Organisations Improve their CRM

The Hidden Costs of Cyber Crime

Is the Great Firewall of China Going to be Exported Abroad?

Data Encryption Within the Cloud: What You Need-to-Know

An August 2015 Update On the World of PCI

Improving Data Security for the PCI and Small Businesses

The Obama Administration Hit By Huge Data Breach

Is the Internet Getting More Censorious?

8 of the Most Common PCI Myths

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: August

How Big Data Analytics Helps Authorities to Spot the Bad Guys

Cost of Data Breaches to the UK

Justifying the Cost of FTP-Stream China

VPNs in China – What’s the Problem? Your Essential Guide

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: July

PCI Audit Failures: 6 Reasons Why it Happens to Businesses

Hackers Becoming More Innovative to Steal Data

How the Great Firewall of China Affects Chinese Innovation

Google News Lab is a Journalist’s Best Friend

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: June

PCI in the News: Summer 2015

Why You Should be Using Big Data to Improve IT Operations

Top Ten Predictions for China’s ICT Market

Help! My China File Sharing Is Blocked

How To Recruit IT Security And Compliance Professionals

Considerations When Choosing A Secure Data Transfer Platform

Ramp up your BYOD Security

How Do I Send Large Files?

How Secure Are Your Passwords?

The Changing IT Landscape

Why Should I Streamline And Centralise My File Sharing?

How Big Data Can Improve Your Love Life

China Kicks off 2015 With A Bang

What is the Great Cannon of China? How Does it Affect You?

How To Avoid Email Security Breaches

What Are the Three File Sharing Options for UK Government?

Maytech Launches Its US West Coast Data Centre

Data Residency: What Are the Differences Between EU Or US?

The Most Deadly Fears of the 21st Century IT Manager

Industry Looking at Big Changes to Big Data Jobs

15 Top Tips for Choosing a File Sharing Service

External File Sharing for the UK Government

How Maytech Makes Data Sharing More Secure

PCI SSC Updates its Payment Card Production Requirements

PayPals Commitment to Cyber Security

What to do if Your Business Has Suffered a Data Breach

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup: May

Why It Pays to Invest in Gold-Standard China File Transfer

EU and US on Collision Course Over Data Privacy

PAN Government Accredited File Sharing

The Business Case For Being Secure

Staying on the Right Side of Data Residency in a Globalised World

How Credit Companies Use Social Credit Scoring

Could Proper Data Security Require Traps, Not Walls?

What the Enterprise Cloud Needs to Send Business Critical Files

Which Secure File Transfer Product Is Right For Me?

Who needs to be PCI Compliant?

Maytech FAQs: Government Secure Data Transfer

Why it’s Critical to Invest in File Sharing with China from the Start

Amazon to Import to China through 3rd Party Alibaba Site

Maytech’s Monthly China Roundup - April 2015

The China File Sharing Headache

Maytech Launch 2FA In FTP-Stream

Top 12 Security Considerations For File Sharing

Keys Shmeys: Can Your Car be Hacked?

How Do I Know if G-Cloud Services are Secure Enough For My Data?

Two Factor Authentication – What’s it all about?

10 Top Tips for Secure File Transfer

How Does Tokenisation Reduce PCI Scope?

Small Business Guide: The Great Firewall of China’s Pros and Cons

5 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Organisation’s PCI Scope

China Monthly Roundup – April 2015

Is Your Business Still PCI Compliant?

PCI DSS 3.0: Did Encryption Go Far Enough?

How Speed Makes Maytech a Trusted China File Sharing Partner

8 File Sharing Security Tips For Senior Managers

Drinking to the Future with a Beer and Big Data

All The Super Bowl XLIX Stats You Can Eat!

The Eyes Have It – How Heat Maps Help Marketers

China Uses Big Data for Property Trends

Security Controls for OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE Information

PCI in the News – What’s Happened So Far in 2015?

Public, Private, Hybrid, Saas or Paas – What’s the Difference?

How the Creative Industries Can Share Data Safely

How do I send files to China?

3 Essential Questions to Help Beginners Make the Most of Big Data

Maytech Review 2014

Western Companies’ Big Troubles in Not-so-Little China

What Are The Cloud Sharing Options in China?

How to Change Filezilla 3.10 Settings

How the Cloud Means that Every Situation Has a Scalable Solution

How Does Data Protection Differ Between China and The West?

Internship Programme Launched In Maytech’s UK Office

Are Security Breaches Inevitable in the 21st Century?

China Round-up – March 2015

What Are the Three Biggest Threats to Government Data Security?

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent it

Why You Need a Company That Breaks Through the Firewall of China

How the Cloud Helps Businesses Do What They Do Best

What Your IT Department Can Learn From the Sony Hack

Why Do I Need to be PCI Compliant?

This Month on Cloud China – February 2015

Introducing the Quatrix Trust Network

What File Sharing Solutions Should You be Using?

Can You Track Too Much? How Far is Too Far?

What are the UK Government’s Cloud Security Principles?

PCI: Essential Security or Just Ticking a Box?

Is Your Business’s Cloud Set Up and Working Properly?

How Will Legal Changes Affect Businesses in China?

The Future of PCI

Month on Cloud China – December 2014

Saudi Arabia, ICT and the Cloud

The Security Challenges Facing 21st Century Business

How Google Uses Big Data to Understand You

The History (and the Future) of The Silk Road in China

Everything You Need To Know About Quatrix And FTP-Stream

Secure File Transfer for UK Government Departments

How Important Is PCI To Your Organisation?

The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist for an IT Guru

User Behaviours that Compromise Security

Functionality to Streamline Services

Robot Chores - The Machines That Want Our Jobs

How to Keep Data Safe When Sharing on the Cloud

Big Data and 1984 – Was George Orwell Right?

How to Ensure Your Business is PCI-DSS Compliant

Reflecting On Data Security In 2014

Why You Need To Encrypt Your Data

Dealing With Missing Data – Who Carries The Can?

5 Problems With Sharing Data in China

A Beginners guide to Quatrix

A Guide To The Shellshock Flaw

The Criminal-Liberty Paradox Of Sharing Encrypted Data

Forget Band Aid – Can Big Data Help Beat Ebola?

Ensuring PCI Compliance In The Cloud

The Balancing Act of Usability and Security for IT Departments

Big Data and the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race

Virtual Duality - How Open Data Is Changing Our Lives

Maytech Customers Are Happier Than Ever!

Wearable Tech - How Much Are You Giving Away?

How Big Data is Being Used in Medical Research to Save Lives

Guy Fawkes and Data Security in the 21st Century

Monthly Tip – How to Brand Your FTP-Stream Site

This Month On Cloud China – October 2014

Are Businesses Being Burnt By Chinese Internet Restrictions?

The Best Customers In The World (You Know One Of Them Very Well)

The Evolution of China’s Internet Usage

Data Transfer At The Speed Of Light

Are Smart Watches Set to Take Over?

Is the Great Firewall of China Threatening Business?

Maytech vs Game of Thrones: Who Are We Describing?

Using Big Data To Predict The Weather

The World’s Largest Data Centres

If You Don’t, Your Employees Will (Hint: You Don’t Want Them To)

How Spotify Used Big Data to Change the Music Industry

Harnessing Unusual Data from the World's Biggest Telescope

Quatrix: The Easiest Way To Send Files Securely Online

This Month On Cloud China – September 2014

Is a Local Presence Needed When Doing Business in China?

Wasted Data: the Biggest Opportunity You Ever Threw Away

How the NSA Uses Data Transfer to Fight Terrorism

IT Spending to Reach $2.1 Trillion With the Help of the Cloud

How the Internet of Things Will Drive Growth in Connected Devices

How High-Speed Data Transfer is Improving Clinical Research

Data Visualisation: Making Sense of Big Data

2 Ways To Send Large Files Securely Across The Internet

15 Cool Big Data Quotes From Industry Influencers

The Secret Ingredient Of Every Successful Cloud-Based Company

Why China Said “No” To Dropbox

Why Major Players in the Media Choose Maytech

How Safe is Your Data with Contactless Payments?

Chinese Hackers Love U.S Think Tanks. Here’s Why

Star Wars Episode VII: Data Breaches in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

How to Use Big Data to Make Future Projections within Business

How Modern Marketing Utilises Big Data To Be Bolder and Better

Open Data within Charities and How it can Help with Transparency

Award-Winning CEO Shares Secrets To Running A Successful Company

Howzat! Instant Data Transfer & Cricket’s Love Affair with Stats

What PCI DSS and its 288 Controls Mean to You

Chinese Government Reveals Microsoft Patents

How CGI is Working Wonders in the Construction Industry

How Big Data Will Transform the World of Healthcare

What is Instant Banking and How Does it Work?

Accidentally Saving The NHS...With Data Audits

Data Breach Down Under Puts Thousands of Asylum Seekers at Risk

The Big Companies Best at Using Big Data

What Does the Future Hold For Big Data?

How Netflix Uses Data to be Better

How Broadcasters Used Big Data at Wimbledon 2014

UK Financial and Retail Firms Branded “Naive” Over Data Security

Advantage Analytics: Wimbledon and the Power of Big Data

A Beginner’s Guide to PCI Compliant Data Acquisition

The Essential 2-Step Cheat Sheet For HIPAA Compliance

This Month On Cloud China – June 2014

5 Biotech Startups Using Big Data To Shake up Big Pharma

What is IL3 Accreditation and Why Are We Getting It?

Why Security is Key When it comes to Sending Files to China

AS-11: The File Sharing Revolution That Will Be Televised

How Big Data is Helping to Build More Energy Efficient Cities

Will Big Data be Safe in Brazil During the 2014 World Cup?

How Cloud File Sharing Is Changing Media Pre-Production

Growing Companies Equals Growing Data Risks

US-China Relations Hit By Data Theft Charges

How Use the Maytech Widget To Boost Customer Engagement Online

How Data Will Affect the 2014 World Cup

Big Data Centres, Smaller Carbon Footprint

Hackers Target Mobile Banking Apps

This Month On Cloud China – May 2014

How Data Transfer is Taking On Global Warming

The Problem of PCI Compliance

eBay Hacking And The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma

How Big Data Played A Big Part in the Outcome of World War II

Why Digital Is Killing Off The Iconic 35mm Film

A Basic Guide to Cloud Security for Pharmaceutical Companies

File Sharing Standards in the Financial Industry

Music Leaks and Plugging Them With Secure Data Transfer

This Month On Cloud China – April 2014 Summary

Tip of the Week: How Do I Restrict to Secure Protocols?

A Basic Guide To Data Centre Resiliency

Maytech’s Modern Speeds and the Race to Transfer Your Files

Why Global Construction Needs Global File Sharing

Genghis Khan and Global Data Transfer

How Big Data is Impacting Automobiles and Planes

Tip of the Week: How Do I Notify Multilevel People When Upload/download Activity Takes Place?

The 2 Best Practices for Cloud Data Transfer in Financial Services

Quatrix: the Fort Knox of File Sharing

Why is a Secure File Sharing Platform Vital to My Business?

Data Time Travel – The Not So Good Old Days

Our Data Travels Quicker Than…

Introducing Quatrix

Your Data, Your File Sharing Vendor, Your Responsibility

PCI Industry Compliant File Transfer

How Data Transfer Helps When it’s a Marathon, not Just a Sprint

8 Steps To Protecting Yourself From The OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

Cloud China: Monthly Update

Lady Gaga Stole Your Customers. Here’s How You Can Get Them Back

Data Residency in the UK and US Post-Edward Snowden Leaks

Corporate File Sharing Gets a Facelift

Encryption: What It Is and How You Can Use It

Al Capone, Compliance and Expecting More From Your Vendor

The Boat Race vs The Internet

File Sharing that Puts IT in Control

Top 5 Industries that Benefit the Most from Online Data Transfer

5 Data Sharing Secrets of the Fortune 500

Tip of the Week: Monitor Your Usage with Disk Usage Reports

Maytechs Around the World

Bring Your Own File Transfer Equals Risky Business

Tip of the Week: Branding Your FTP and Setting it to Your Domain

Tip of the Week: Direct Links in FTP-Stream

Tip of the Week: Logging and Controls

Blonde-proof, Beautiful and Incredibly Secure?

4 Fear-Busting Ways to Share Data Across the Cloud

It’s time to get On Board

Tip of the Week: Snapshots in FTP-Stream

How Does Your File Sharing Compare to Modern Methods?

Dropbox, Bugs, and the Fall of the Roman Empire

100 Hours Saved - What Could You Do with Some Extra Time?

The Power of Great Stories

Maytech ISO Happy Right Now

What Maytech is Bringing to Secure File Transfer in 2014...

Taking Security Seriously

The Only 2 Ways To Send Large Files Over The Internet

This Week On Cloud China

What on Earth is G-Cloud?

The Titanic’s Guide To Sending Files Securely In 2014

The Year in Cloud China: 2013 Round-up

5 of the Most Devastating Data Disasters

But do our customers really love our secure file sharing product?

Maytech CEO's secure file sharing tips for 2014


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A big world requires freedom of big data

Great file sharing features in Maytech’s FTP-Stream

Turning Big Data into Big Profits


Creating and fulfilling an information security policy

Lifting China’s Great Wall

Maytech given G-Cloud green light

Maytech puts its foot down!

A brand new look

A celebratory promotion for all

Maytech’s adding a little ‘spice’

File-sharing is about to grow up

Maytech focused on accelerating growth after MXC Capital investment

5 PCI Compliance Myths

Maytech and London 2012

Maytech launch new hub in Australia

Security, cloud file sharing services and taxes

Smartphones Drive China’s Internet Usage and Plans to Increase Speeds

World’s Largest Data Centre under Construction in China

China takes Steps to Reinforce EU Trade Relations

Telecoms Companies help Develop Cloud Technologies

China and the Cloud

Accelerated large file transfer in hosted FTP

1001 Managed File Transfer Applications

FTPS and SFTP - Which secure file transfer protocol should I use?

Major Update for FTP-Stream

Which file transfer service is best for my business?

Cloud managed file transfer checklist

Is encryption at rest just tickbox security?

Large file transfer to China - reliability is key



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