Do you know where your data is?

A scary number don't...

As you'll have seen in our infographic, more than half of IT leaders and IT professionals don't always know who owns their data which means there is no one to account for its quality. With 2.5 exabytes of data being created every day it has never been more important to know where it is.

Data residency is essential in today's world.

Maytech's secure cloud file transfer platform is used in mission critical workflows by businesses worldwide. A dedicated infrastructure ensures safe and secure accelerated global data transfer. 

Products feature central administrative controls, full audit trail and end-to-end encryption. They comply with international standards including HIPAA, PCI-DSS and EU Data Protection.

With Maytech retain complete control over your data with full knowledge of where it is stored. Customer data is stored at the chosen location in compliance with EU, US and international privacy policies.

Maytech never backs up or replicates data outside of your chosen data centre, nor keep enduring incremental backups. Service can be provisioned at any global Hub located over four continents, in Tier 3 data centres. This gives IT departments complete control and visibility over what data is sent and received.

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Information Security Policy

We touched on the importance of having an Information Security Policy in our infographic - scarily 23% of professionals work for a company who don't have an security policy. Not only should all companies have one but it should be enforced and regually updated. We caught up with our Information Security Manager who helped us pull together a basic information security policy that anyone can use.  

Two products to ensure you know where your data is...

Quatrix - Simple one step web-based secure business file sharing with enterprise level controls empowering your IT department to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies.

Quatrix ChinaReliable file transfer to & from China.

To ensure your files are safe, why not get in touch or take a free trial of one of our products.