Chinese Officials Say the Great Firewall is Too Strict

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Over the last few years, China has become renowned for not only its strict culture but its highly-regulated online world too. The most notorious part of this online regulation being the ‘Great Firewall of China’ –the Chinese government’s firewall which regulates its domestic internet.

Two decades after its implementation, the government believe it has protected Chinese internet users’ privacy and national interests. However, some officials are now suggesting the regulation and censorship has gone too far.

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The Problem With Email Communication in China

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Email security is a big issue right now. Hillary Clinton may be the most famous (or infamous) story concerning the safety of email messaging, but across the world individuals and organisations are finding that email communication isn't as safe as it needs to be.

In China, data security is always somewhat of a hot potato. It's an open secret that Chinese Government officials spy on internet traffic and analyse emails (although they officially deny this), while terms such as 'Ferrari', 'democracy' and 'Tianenmen Square', among hundreds of others, are blocked from search results in the country's version of Google, Baidu.

And when it comes to email, the People's Republic has a number of issues with that too. I take a look at China's problems with email: Continue reading →

How the Great Firewall of China Affects Chinese Innovation

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China invented the compass, papermaking, alcohol and football – it’s fair to say that there’s a lot that we have to thank its innovative forefathers for.

But today there’s a sense that state web censorship is stifling a sense of creativity in the world’s richest country.


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What is the Great Cannon of China? How Does it Affect You?

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For years China has utilised The Great Firewall of China, its state of the art censorship tool, to prevent the free sharing of information across the country.

Read more: Is the Great Firewall of China Threatening Business?

Now, security authorities in the People’s Republic have developed a new string to their bow. Or should we say cannon? The Great Cannon of China is a new censorship technique that’s causing headaches for businesses and media organisations across the country.

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How Speed Makes Maytech a Trusted China File Sharing Partner

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If your organisation works in and with China, you’ll know that organisations can face a number of different problems – many of which we discussed in this blog.

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How Does Data Protection Differ Between China and The West?

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A history of data protection in China

Data protection in China has notoriously lagged well behind its economic rivals in the West. Before 2008, the state announced a range of administrative restrictions around data protection – but in truth these had a greater focus towards protecting ‘state interest’ rather than the interests of civilians. Continue reading →

China and the Cloud

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Cloud computing is a hot topic right now and looks likely to continue to be so for some time to come. It has been described as being the technology that will bring such significant changes to the IT industry that we’re looking at something of a revolution in terms of what it can do for both consumers and business models alike.

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