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GCloud 8: What is it and How Can it Secure File Transfer for Governments?

Posted on July 04, 2016 by John Lynch

Finding well-respected, accredited technology providers for government services is now easier than ever thanks to GCloud 8, and Maytech is a Digital Marketplace organisation.

What is GCloud 8?

The original premise for GCloud was to "punch through archaic government procurement requirements" and create an app store-like platform for government and public service departments.

GCloud 8 is the latest version of this framework, (available from August 2016) that allows cloud storage and other digital technology providers to offer their services for the government to use. 

Set up in 2011, GCloud is used to help connect smaller providers with government departments, and to date it has totalled more than £1 billion in sales.

If a business’ application is successful, it will be listed on the Digital Marketplace and services will be advertised to all public service departments.

Typical services eligible for GCloud 8 include:

  • IaaS – content delivery, network or hosting
  • PaaS – platforms for building services or applications
  • SaaS – accounting tools and customer service management software
  • Specialist cloud services – data migration or online health checks

image001-78.jpgHow is GCloud 8 Different to Previous Versions?

In a recent blog post, GDS Senior Developer Kev Keenoy described the changes that differentiate GCloud 8 from previous versions such as GCloud 6 or 7. He said:

"Behind the scenes there's been a huge amount of technical change," he said. "When suppliers applied to supply their services through G-Cloud 6, they had to use two separate systems to complete their application. They had to give information about their company – by making a 'supplier declaration' through an e-sourcing tool operated by the Crown Commercial Service – [and their] services, through a Service Submission Portal (SSP)."

He noted that the system needed to be simpler to meet users’ needs:

"The changes we've made meant that opening G-Cloud 8 for applications was simpler and faster than it has been for any previous framework iteration,"

"In fact, it took two developers less than two weeks to get G-Cloud 8 ready for suppliers to apply to supply their services. The relative ease of the preparation shows the progress we've made towards becoming a platform."

Maytech is a GCloud Digital Supplier

Maytech has vast experience offering secure file transfer for government services and is a GCloud digital supplier (service ID no: 6392 4323 7562 7776). We provide specialist cloud services across a number of central government departments and local authorities , including government partners such as:

  • Innovate UK – Technology Strategy Board
  • Skills Funding Agency
  • The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
  • The London Borough of Havering
  • Cambridge City Council

Fast and cost-effective, Maytech’s GCloud listed, file transfer services offer data protection and encryption, with a simple, highly-usable system that is white labelled and provides you with support 24/7.

Our secure file transfer for government can use SFTP, HTTP, PGP or an automated system, plus we can also provide a public API. With full audit trails, central administrative controls and services that comply with PCI-DSS and EU data protection standards, you can rest assured that you’re using a high-quality, safe service. The services are Pan Government Accredited and suitable for Official data transfer and storage over the internet from Q1 2015

Speak to Maytech About GCloud 8

If you work for a public service department and would like to learn more about secure file transfer for government services and our work with GCloud 8, talk to Maytech today about how we can help.

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