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Why Major Players in the Media Choose Maytech

Posted on September 09, 2014 by John Lynch

We live in a world where news is instant. Something happens in the Middle East and we get the story and pictures straight away. This can be mainly credited to the advancements in large file transfer and its ability to carry high-definition media content around the world.

The right file shcorporate_file_sharingaring product

Whether a story has broken in Koryak Okrug, far-east Siberia or Seven Sisters, north London, the right file sharing product can be the difference between it staying on location or it reaching the world.

When we talk about the right file sharing product we’re talking about a platform with no file size limits. With multiple stories breaking across the globe and thousands of images and videos being fired back and forth you need a large file transfer platform that is comfortable actually handling large files.

You also need a vendor with a global network of data centres that offer fast replication between hubs. So the story in far-east Siberia has no further to travel than the story in north London, as it would enjoy fast local transfer speeds to it’s local data hub where it can be replicated for accelerated global file exchange and additional resilience.

Then you want full control over your file sharing service through extensive logging and tracking because when you’re capturing the moment in far-east Siberia the last thing you want is to be sending images or footage back on a prayer. You want to know it’s reached its destination and has been seen by its intended target.

It’s for these reasons and more why media giant Top Right Group uses Maytech.

Top file sharing product for Top Right Group1724650_Top-Right-Group-logo

Top Right Group is a major player in business-to-business (b2b) magazines, digital media and events with data transfer needs spanning several continents. Speed, price and freedom of data exchange are top priorities for the business, which is why it relies on Maytech for a tailored solution.

A real draw for Top Right Group was Maytech’s ability to move millions of files between geographical locations quickly and securely. As a global media company, it is constantly firing hi-res images, video and other large files between countries.

With offices in Frankfurt, Dubai, Melbourne, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo and Shanghai, the company utilises Maytech’s global infrastructure, with hubs in four locations. One of the primary advantages of this is that employees can log in from anywhere in the world and upload to a server local to them.

Maytech’s mirroring technology accelerates the data transfers around the world to accommodate their follow the sun workflows. Importantly, it also gives them a huge first- mover advantage and a secure solution they can trust.

“The Maytech solution helps many of our business be first to market, so they won’t lose customers or readers to the competition. We use four of their international hubs and we found that channeling content through Maytech is a lot quicker than other solutions,” said Iain Caldwell, the firm’s head of technical delivery.


To find out how Maytech can help you with your large file transfer needs like it helps Top Right Group, click here. To read the full Top Right Group case study, click here.

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