A New Data Security Solution

Posted on September 26, 2017 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new data security product - Quatrix Vault®.

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Tokenisation Addresses Cyber Security Risk and Compliance. Here’s Why

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Information security is something businesses do not dare to ignore these days, be it a huge corporation or a modest startup.

On average a data breach costs $4m and this is already an argument for having a proper security system in place.

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Ramp up your BYOD Security

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With the infiltration of smart phones, it makes sense for companies to enable BYOD (Bring your own device). It reduces company expenditure, empowers employees, saves carrying round two phones – you can think of the other positives yourself!

But there is a concern around the security of company data. This can be in the form of emails, documents, recordings, images… and so on.

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A Beginners guide to Quatrix

Posted on November 29, 2014 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

The easiest way to send files securely online.

That’s the tagline and vision behind our product called Quatrix®. It articulates a marriage between fast file transfer, convenience and flexibility of use, and premium-grade security features. And it embodies our deep conviction that file transfer online can – and should - be both secure and convenient.

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Quatrix: The Easiest Way To Send Files Securely Online

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The data transfer industry has been dramatically transformed in the last few years. Businesses used to use old, clunky FTP sites when Dropbox transformed the market with its simple file sharing package. And the inevitable happened…employees were revolting against the old and wanted new and shiny.

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2 Ways To Send Large Files Securely Across The Internet

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In the beginning, there was Hotmail and a 2MB storage limit.

Not 2MB for an attachment; 2 megabytes of storage for all the emails in your entire email account.

Since then the number of email service providers has exploded, as has the amount of storage space offered. And that’s not even mentioning the increasing number of large file transfer activities being carried out via email.

The problem is that the word ‘large’ is relative.

And whilst large files used to be measured in terms of megabytes(MB) or even gigabytes (GB), today we measure them in units of terabytes(TB).

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Why Global Construction Needs Global File Sharing

Posted on May 03, 2014 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

Take millions of pounds/dollars/yuan, thousands of workers, various firms spread around the world and one large plot of land with expensive machinery dotted around it and you have a modern day construction project. Not to mention a data nightmare.

In a time where the internet has made the world a more connected place than ever, it would seem that without the right tools (pardon the pun) it can actually have a negative impact on big real estate developments.

The rise of the global project in construction has meant that many big developments now involve delivery teams based in different territories. Hence project management is increasingly becoming a question of having the right support facilities to coordinate such large-scale projects.

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Quatrix: the Fort Knox of File Sharing

Posted on April 25, 2014 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

Maytech’s newly launched Quatrix® file sharing product is built from the ground-up with security, compliance, accountability and file-size flexibility in mind. But apart from that, why would you want it? Let us explain.

The technology underpinning Quatrix is genuinely state-of-the art, which means it combines the kind of usability, power and scope not available anywhere else. You can build a sophisticated, high-speed data transfer system capable of serving even the most complex of workflows.

It is founded on the no-nonsense InstantShare model yet is infinitely flexible and scalable – perfect for growing businesses with ever-increasing pressure on their data mobility – and it uses Maytech’s lightening quick and uncongested network.

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Introducing Quatrix

Posted on April 16, 2014 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

At Maytech we never stop innovating, so it’s with great pleasure we’re announcing the latest evolution of our growing product range: Quatrix®.

Quatix is for organisations that crave a no-nonsense data-transfer service which is fast and secure, because it marries these two essential elements with a near-religious focus. Security and Simplicity are our gods.

It means Quatrix users get the sort of stringent security standards demanded by modern IT departments coupled with a level of usability that can be mastered by the average domesticated moggy. So Brian in marketing should be fine with it too.


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Creating and fulfilling an information security policy

Posted on October 21, 2013 by John Lynch |Leave a comment|

Information security just gets more important by the day. As companies large and small share increasing amounts of data with customers and with each other, tying up and professionalising the practice has never been more vital.

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