Maytech Customer Voice 2017

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Maytech would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who completed our Customer Voice Survey 2017.
We will be announcing the winner of the iPad on social media shortly.

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Internship Programme Launched In Maytech’s UK Office

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To start 2015 with a bang, Maytech has launched a series of Sales and Marketing Internships at their Tunbridge Wells Office. The internships are one month long and structured to give a real insight into how sales and marketing teams function in the ever-changing IT industry.

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Everything You Need To Know About Quatrix And FTP-Stream

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At Maytech we specialise in secure cloud file transfer. And to make sure we can help you optimise your workflows, we have two different products. So… how do you choose which one is right for you?

Firstly, it’s important to note that Maytech is ISO-27001 certified, approved as Enterprise Ready by SkyHigh Cloud Trust ™, and a GCloud supplier (a UK government provider). All our products are HIPAA compliant and come with 24/7 support.

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Functionality to Streamline Services

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Do you need to collect files and associated meta-data. Maybe you’re a printer and you need to collect files for printing along with the print requirements…or you could be an insurance company needing to collect photos and related information for claims. Whatever your data acquisition requirements, Maytech can help you.

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The Best Customers In The World (You Know One Of Them Very Well)

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At the turn of the 20th Century, a 40-year old hunter, inventor and boot-strapping entrepreneur started a company in Freeport, Maine, USA. His name? Leon Leonwood Bean. And the company? The now $1.52 billion retail company...LL Bean.

Bean’s accomplishments, company policies and innovations through his business are far outside the scope of this article. But there is one iconic statement he made that we completely agree with, and is the focal point of this blog post.

LL Bean said:

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Award-Winning CEO Shares Secrets To Running A Successful Company

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Our CEO John Lynch was recently announced as a winner of Finance Monthly’s 2014 CEO Awards. And to share in the excitement that we’re feeling here at Maytech, here’s a lightly edited excerpt from the Q&A interview with John from the CEO Awards edition of Finance Monthly...a publication that goes out to over 115,000 subscribers in 85 countries around the world.

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How Use the Maytech Widget To Boost Customer Engagement Online

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Get traffic to your site, and keep it there long enough to take a relevant action.

Those are the goals of every webmaster.

And you’ll know from first-hand experience the power of boosting customer engagement on your website by even a tiny amount.

So to help you, we’ve created a file transfer widget to help your boost engagement online.

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Quatrix: the Fort Knox of File Sharing

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Maytech’s newly launched Quatrix® file sharing product is built from the ground-up with security, compliance, accountability and file-size flexibility in mind. But apart from that, why would you want it? Let us explain.

The technology underpinning Quatrix is genuinely state-of-the art, which means it combines the kind of usability, power and scope not available anywhere else. You can build a sophisticated, high-speed data transfer system capable of serving even the most complex of workflows.

It is founded on the no-nonsense InstantShare model yet is infinitely flexible and scalable – perfect for growing businesses with ever-increasing pressure on their data mobility – and it uses Maytech’s lightening quick and uncongested network.

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It’s time to get On Board

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We at Maytech are on the lookout for partners to help sell our range of SaaS products to customers, clients, partners and suppliers – distant relatives and pets are optional.

With accelerated replication technology speeds up to 100-times faster than the public internet, multi-layered security, granular controls and detailed tracking and logging, you would think our secure file transfer products sell themselves. But when was the last time you saw a file sharing tool close a deal?

Indeed Maytech’s products are easy to sell but they are definitely sold by people from reputable and trustworthy businesses. It’s time for you to get On Board.

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Maytech CEO's secure file sharing tips for 2014

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New Year’s resolutions; what’s the point? Created in a moment of post-Christmas, turkey driven guilt on or around New Year’s Day, and then forgotten within a week or when we start to feel hungry again, whichever happens sooner.

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