Accidentally Saving The NHS...With Data Audits

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The NHS is in trouble.

£2 billion pounds’ worth, according to healthcare bosses.

The demands of an ageing population, higher NHS pension costs, rocketing population growth and numerous other forces are conspiring to make the 66 year-old healthcare service buckle.

Suggestions for saving the NHS range from charging patients £10 for each GP appointment, all the way to radical cuts in NHS budgets. But one idea being launched by a small government body may end up actually saving the National Health Service.

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A Basic Guide to Cloud Security for Pharmaceutical Companies

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Here’s the problem.

On the one side you have a technological revolution being powered by the Cloud. It’s transforming the way Pharmaceutical companies are using IT resources, lowering costs as they only pay for the resources they actually use.

On the other side you have a 100+ year-old tradition of ‘best practices’ in an Industry that typically takes years of establishing plans and protocols and ‘demonstrable compliance’ before introducing new innovations to the marketplace.

And in between is a chasm of myths, fears and misconceptions that are making many Pharmaceutical companies hesitant to bring their business practices fully into the 21st Century.

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