GCloud 8: What is it and How Can it Secure File Transfer for Governments?

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Finding well-respected, accredited technology providers for government services is now easier than ever thanks to GCloud 8, and Maytech is a Digital Marketplace organisation. Continue reading →

Government File Transfers and the Latest Consultations

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The end of the financial year marked the closing date for submissions to the Better Use of Data in Government consultation and the Cabinet Office is now analysing the feedback it received.

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Case Study: How Maytech Helps Local Government

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Sharing data with third parties shouldn’t be complicated. Neither should be it unsafe. Yet, for many councils it is.

As I travel across the country and speak with ICT managers in local government, I come across a common theme: attachments that are too big for email get lost in a sea of unsafe, untraceable file sharing solutions.

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ISPs Forced to Store Details of all UK Website Visits

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The British Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the internet activity of all users in Britain will have to be stored by internet service providers in new plans.

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A Practical Approach to Secure File Sharing Outside PSN

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The Public Sector Network (PSN) faces several key challenges when securely sharing data with multiple external agencies and acquiring sensitive data from suppliers and the public. By understanding the nature of these challenges and the technology that can assist you, this process can be much simpler.

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Digital Marketplace Turns One

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Last year Digital Marketplace became the new home for G-Cloud – a secure framework for secure government file transfer – and now they’re celebrating their first birthday.

A year on and, along with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the Digital Marketplace is still providing buyers and suppliers with a singular location to buy world-class digital services. This not only helps to ensure that the public sector are using the right tools, but it’s drastically reduced the time it takes to buy digital services.

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What Are the Three File Sharing Options for UK Government?

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What are the three primary types of file sharing? And which is best for your central or local authority?

#1 – Off the shelf file sharing

In 2000, businesses spent twice as much on technology than consumers. By 2008, the spend between the two was the same. This ‘consumerisation’ of IT devices has since led to huge advances in product usability.  Continue reading →

External File Sharing for the UK Government

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The UK government has three security classifications for information. These are:

Official & Official-Sensitive


Top Secret.

The definitions for these are as follows:

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PAN Government Accredited File Sharing

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Maytech has highlighted their commitment to data security in the government sector by being awarded PAN Government Accreditation in April 2015 for their secure data transfer products. This covers UK Government data that is OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE connected over the internet. It will provide confidence to purchasers and SiROs around the security of Maytech’s dedicated service for the secure file sharing of data with third parties outside of government networks.

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How Do I Know if G-Cloud Services are Secure Enough For My Data?

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The G-Cloud framework allows public sector bodies to access IT and computing solutions on the cloud, without having to invest in expensive, inflexible physical hardware.

To ensure that IT departments in the public sector can share data completely safely, G-Cloud services come in three different levels. These levels are:

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