4 Reasons Why Maytech Use Local Data Centres Across the World

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We offer secure file transfer and online data storage platforms across the world and can help control your file sharing from practically anywhere.

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Maytech Launches Its US West Coast Data Centre

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At Maytech we’re always striving to provide you with globally fast file transfers. That’s why we have multiple global hubs – to ensure you’re file sharing is fast – from anywhere. On signup, customers select a service hub and data is never transferred or replicated outside the chosen hub.

This policy ensures cloud data residency and compliance with local and international regulations.

The latest addition to our collection of global hubs is the West coast of America. This means that we now have hubs in:

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Data Residency: What Are the Differences Between EU Or US?

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IT professionals must consider data protection to secure their sensitive data that is now being processed and stored outside of their control in a cloud environment. Privacy and data security management laws in different countries can differ considerably.


A recent survey by NTT Communications produced the following observations:

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EU and US on Collision Course Over Data Privacy

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The European Union is collating a new data privacy regime that could change the business landscape in Europe – particularly for US companies.

After the Snowden disclosures revealed the extent to which American companies collected the personal data of customers, new legislation is being mooted to unite all EU countries with legislation that requires Europeans to explicitly agree to the collection of their information.

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Staying on the Right Side of Data Residency in a Globalised World

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It’s a quirk of the globalised, constantly-connected world that data residency is still of utmost importance to businesses and governments. Although data can be viewed and transmitted across continents and from hard-to-reach locations, there are numerous laws that dictate where this information can actually be stored.

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