GCloud 8: What is it and How Can it Secure File Transfer for Governments?

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Finding well-respected, accredited technology providers for government services is now easier than ever thanks to GCloud 8, and Maytech is a Digital Marketplace organisation. Continue reading →

Digital Marketplace Turns One

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Last year Digital Marketplace became the new home for G-Cloud – a secure framework for secure government file transfer – and now they’re celebrating their first birthday.

A year on and, along with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the Digital Marketplace is still providing buyers and suppliers with a singular location to buy world-class digital services. This not only helps to ensure that the public sector are using the right tools, but it’s drastically reduced the time it takes to buy digital services.

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How Do I Know if G-Cloud Services are Secure Enough For My Data?

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The G-Cloud framework allows public sector bodies to access IT and computing solutions on the cloud, without having to invest in expensive, inflexible physical hardware.

To ensure that IT departments in the public sector can share data completely safely, G-Cloud services come in three different levels. These levels are:

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Secure File Transfer for UK Government Departments

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Public sector organisations including local authorities, InnovateUK and Defra use Maytech services to share data with counterparties and to acquire data from external organisations and the public.

Maytech services are Pan Government Accredited for Official and Official Sensitive Data enabling business owners in government to optimise data sharing, externally with third parties outside government networks and internally over the PSN, safe in the knowledge that the correct level of security classification controls are in place.

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What is IL3 Accreditation and Why Are We Getting It?

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 Never one to rest on our laurels when it comes to secure data transfer, we are currently undertaking the IL3 security accreditation for our ICT system.

This accreditation requires enhanced security to protect sensitive information and is a common requirement for central Government departments and some agencies.

Accreditation is based on HMG security standards, which in turn are based on ISO 27001, but with more stringent requirements.

Read more: What Are the UK Government's Cloud Security Principles?

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What on Earth is G-Cloud?

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Confused by this cloud business? Fed up of hearing the words “Government Cloud Computing” without the faintest idea of what it really means? Its ok reader, you’ve come to the right place. Join Maytech as we explain exactly what G-cloud is and how your organisation can benefit from it.

In the spirit of walking before we can run, let’s start with the basics. In a nutshell, Cloud Computing is a service whereby everything - computing infrastructure, applications, documents and business processes – can be accessible wherever and whenever you need it. Organisations will now be able to respond to rapid change and growth whilst also reducing operating costs and expenditure. Pretty nifty huh?

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Maytech given G-Cloud green light

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There’s a buzz around Maytech HQ this week after we received the seal of approval from HRH’s Government itself. Our growing suite of services has been accepted into the coveted G-Cloud Programme, a group of the most respected and trusted commercial suppliers to the public sector.

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