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Tip of the Week: Snapshots in FTP-Stream

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Georgina Park

Your FTP-Stream site is backed up every hour on the hour. We call these backups snapshots - they are a complete snap of your site frozen in time.

We keep your snapshots for 28 days, you can list your snapshots, explore the contents of each snap and restore any files or folders that may have been accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Your site is backed up locally at your chosen data centre. Unless you are using our replication feature your files are never copied outside your chosen data centre and we keep no persistent backups beyond the 28 day snapshot cycle.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the web client for your site, e.g.
  • Login as admin
  • Click on the Snapshots tab and wait a moment for the system to find all your snapshots
  • The snapshots are listed in date order, locate the latest snapshot likely to contain the missing files, open the snapshot and navigate to the relevant folder
  • To download a file just click on it as normal
  • To restore a file or folder right click and choose Restore, or tick a checkbox and click on the Restore button. You can restore to the original location on your site or to a new location.

For a free trial of FTP-Stream, head over to the Maytech website by clicking here now.

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