Which of Your Favourite Websites Are Blocked in China?

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It’s no secret that many websites that the average Westerner visits on a daily basis are blocked in China. With its strict online censorship, the nation believes it is protecting national security, as well as preventing ‘dangerous’ Western ideologies, fashions and anti-state sentiments from being viewed or discussed on the internet.

Read more:Is the Great Firewall of China Threatening Business?

Here we’ve created a brief outline of the types of sites you may struggle to access when visiting the nation:

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Cyberattacks Will Be More Menacing in 2017

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As the New Year comes around every twelve months, so do predictions for the year ahead and the growing importance of cybersecurity is more relevant than ever. Every year, the demand for cybersecurity increases, with the volume and complexity of online attacks expanding. Unfortunately, 2017 is no different.

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Should You Be More Worried About Internal Threats?

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Your staff are your biggest asset, but could they also be your biggest downfall? A recent survey revealed half of IT professionals are more worried about insider threats than external ones. Is this fear warranted?

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Local Government IT Security is Experiencing ‘Issues’

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A 2015 report has found that the majority of local government organisations believe that their security is not robust enough to deal with the increasing number of threats that are heading their way. In fact, just 41% of UK government organisations think current protection is suitable. So, who or what is to blame? Budget cuts or something else? Let’s discuss.

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Why the Healthcare Sector Needs Secure Messaging

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With millions of records being held, featuring everything from medical histories to names, addresses and dates of birth, the healthcare sector holds one of the largest databases of private information, larger than any other industry in the UK. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it is also one of the most frequently attacked by hackers.

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The Problem With Email Communication in China

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Email security is a big issue right now. Hillary Clinton may be the most famous (or infamous) story concerning the safety of email messaging, but across the world individuals and organisations are finding that email communication isn't as safe as it needs to be.

In China, data security is always somewhat of a hot potato. It's an open secret that Chinese Government officials spy on internet traffic and analyse emails (although they officially deny this), while terms such as 'Ferrari', 'democracy' and 'Tianenmen Square', among hundreds of others, are blocked from search results in the country's version of Google, Baidu.

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Is Your Email Secure? Messaging Safety in Facts and Figures

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Last year there were a record-breaking nine mega-breaches of data around the world, showing that cyber-crime is clearly on the climb. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure your company network maintains secure.

From investing in anti-virus protection to holding staff training to raise awareness of the threats out there, there are a number of aspects that you should consider as part of your IT processes. One that should be a key focus is your email systems.

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7 Security Problems When Sending Emails

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You may think that sending an email is much more secure than writing a letter. After all, the receiver needs to sign in with their password to receive it. But, in fact, there are a number of security flaws when it comes to sending sensitive information this way.

Here are a few common threats to your secure mail and how Maytech’s experts would recommend you remedy this.

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Protect Your Data: 5 Ways to Improve Your Security Posture

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As a secure file sharing and cloud data storage provider, security is extremely important to us, therefore, we'd like to share five ways you can improve your security posture and keep your company safe:

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Five Emerging Threats Enterprise Security Must Not Ignore

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Cybercrime is an ever-evolving industry that is scamming businesses big and small out of millions of pounds each year. So, it’s important to remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on all of the latest scams, plus how to best protect your organisation’s network.

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