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Maytech’s China Monthly Update – July 2016

Posted on July 19, 2016 by John Lynch

June 2016 was a big month in news for the UK, with the referendum, Euro 2016, and Glastonbury. But, what are the latest developments from the other side of the world, China in particular?

Chinese Ecommerce Giant to Provide Big Data and Analytics Services

Southeast Asia’s largest ecommerce website was acquired by Alibaba in April 2016, and now the pair are planning to provide big data and analytics services to help its online vendors boost sales. It is hoped that this will help Lazada better understand consumer purchasing behaviour and create value for users.

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Chinese App Providers to Face New Data Collection Laws

New regulations issued in a report by the Cyberspace Administration of China have announced that, as of August 1st 2016, mobile app providers in China will be required to collect details of their users. User activity records will need to be collected and kept for 60 days, plus identities will have to be verified using phone numbers and other data.

Despite holding this information, app providers must secure the data and not share it without obtaining customer consent first. Providers must also be open about the collection of data.

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China Closer to Adopting Controversial Censorship Laws

In a draft, presented before the committee of the National People’s Congress, new legislation states offshore storage of Chinese business and personal data would be outlawed. Although not cemented yet, these new laws would mean heavy government supervision and a major clamp down on information storage.

Domestic storing would become necessary and popular foreign sites like Google and Facebook would continue to be blocked by Chinese internet.

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China Pledges to Centralise Personal Health Data

China is producing “more comprehensive regulation and legislation in personal information and data protection” in order to build a new big data scheme for health policies and services.

Premier Li Keqiang declared that “Enhancing the development of medical big data is a pressing task now. It is also an important project for public welfare, in the context of a growing need for health and medical services.”

A new platform will be created that will link local and provincial information to a national database. This will provide portable medical records and transferrable insurance.

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Twitter Estimates it has 10 Million Users in China Despite Being Blocked

Twitter has been blocked in China since 2009, but according to a source within the company it has around 10 million active users here. Many of these users will be connecting to the service using VPN software, which allows access through connecting to a network outside of China, therefore bypassing the regulations.

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